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Jill Flory is the talented creative behind the website and a small ecommerce shop at Sew a Fine Seam that features her custom home decor. The website was already using the Genesis theme, Refined, but the shop was off-site using Weebly.

So we installed Woocommerce, which was already styled with the theme. We added a bit of additional styling, a couple of functions, and some customization of the customer email. Jill was using PayPal to take credit card payments, which was perfect for Woocommerce.

Since Jill has both digital products (home decor sewing patterns) and physical products, such as home decor items and clothing, we also added a shipping plugin and got it all set up to make an easy order and shipping process.

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It was NO STRESS for me! It was so awesome to have someone who knew exactly what to do and did it quickly and affordably. I got exactly what I wanted and everything that I needed to know about the process was explained in a way I could understand. I’m so very happy with how my shop looks on my website and how fast and easy it was to accomplish. Thanks so much Marcy!

Getting my shop hosted on my website I already pay for is going to save me hundreds of dollars every year!

Jill Flory, Sew a Fine Seam
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