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We did a website refresh for the Cranford Dental website a year ago. But their son joined the practice this summer, and so we worked on a new theme by customizing Genesis Sample theme from StudioPress and using WordPress Blocks.

Martha had custom photos taken to be used on the website. There were so many amazing images, that it was difficult to choose, but these images became the focus of the new theme. We used large cover images on the home page and also at the top of all the service pages. We also tried to add as much accessibility, as we were able. A new, fresh, custom color scheme was used to match the client’s logo.

We updated the blog page layout to be a grid to make it easy to scan, as Martha writes a lot of informative blog posts on dental topics. We also styled the testimonials on the reviews page to stand out.

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Update after the last web site improvement you did:
“This was a big success!
We immediately rose in the rankings for local search terms by over 10 places. With some fresh content and updates from me I believe we will be back on the first page.
Our stats on Google Search Console also improved.
And visitors to website are staying longer. Our bounce rate is lower most days.
At a recent dental meeting a dentist who also teaches at the dental school said ours was the best website he had seen.”

Martha Cranford, Cranford Dental

“Your knowledge of WordPress standards AND of what looks best visually. You combined both of these to make our website function well and look good. You listened to me but did not mind making a decision when I could not decide what worked and looked best. You were quick to respond and very calm and reassuring. This enabled me to finish up the website in a reasonable amount of time. It was important to me that Cranford Dental’s website was set up properly and I have no doubt that it was. Thanks!

Our website now matches the image we want to portray of our practice—-clean, technically strong, and warm and friendly. We are happy that with this framework we can easily update the site to showcase the work of our dentists and the connections we have in our community.”

Martha Cranford, Cranford Dental
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