Finds for Your Website – September 25 2013

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Quirky Nots Font by Amit Jakhu
Quirky Nots Font by Amit Jakhu

Here are some finds to help you with your website, whether it’s for your business or for fun!

Quirky Nots Font

The Quirky Nots font above by Amit Jakhu was created as a student project for a typography class. Jakhu says, it’s “a little rough, clumsy & fun with a hint of delight.” It is a fun and delightful, handwritten font. It can be used where ever you need a bit of whimsy. This font is free to use however you like.
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Pocket Sales-Page Maker

Pocket Sales-Page Maker by Amy Harrison
Pocket Sales-Page Maker by Amy Harrison

If you need a quick sales page for your website, then this little sales page copywriting template from Amy Harrison of is for you. Amy walks you through what you need to know to write your sales page. While you don’t have to sign up for her email list to download it, her list content is always worthwhile. Everything Amy creates is amazingly helpful or hilarious. Check out her Amy TV Content Marketing… Stripped! videos.

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photo of Marcy Diaz who owns Amethyst Website Design


4 responses to “Finds for Your Website – September 25 2013”

  1. Amy Avatar

    Thanks so much for including me in that roundup Marcy!

    1. Marcy Diaz Avatar

      You’re welcome, Amy! It was too helpful not to share.

  2. Peter Booker Avatar
    Peter Booker

    We are very are very grateful you liked our plugin enough to recommend it too. It is a huge compliment.

    1. Marcy Diaz Avatar

      You’re welcome, Peter. Your plugin is so easy, my last client installed and connected it himself.

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