Finds for Your Website – October 8 2013

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Here are some more finds to help with your small business and your website.

50 Call-to-Action Templates

50 call-to-action templates
50 Call-to-Action Templates by Hubspot

Hubspot has a set of 50 Calls-To-Action Templates to help you create buttons and graphics for your small business website and marketing materials. All the buttons and graphics can be edited easily in Power Point, and they’ve included step-by-step instructions in the file. The templates range from simple buttons to more complex graphics with five types of calls-to-actions included.
Get 50 Calls-To-Action Templates

Sane Widget Sidebar Mangement Plugin

sane widget sidebar management
Sane Widget Sidebar Mangement by Justin Sternberg and WebDevStudios

Many WordPress themes have a lot of sidebar or widget areas. While this makes it easy to customize your website pages, the admin page to add the widgets can become unwieldy. The Sane Widget Sidebar Management plugin for WordPress websites changes all that. It puts all your separate sidebars or widget areas into a drop down, so that you can select one widget area to work on at a time. There are no plugin settings; just install it, and go to Appearance > Widgets to see it working.
Get Sane Widget Sidebar Management

Shadows Into Light Two Font

shadows into light two
Shadows Into Light Two Font by Kimberly Geswein

This is a really lovely and readable hand-written font by Kimberly Geswein. It’s available from Google Fonts to use for your website. Kimberly has created many beautiful fonts and graphics; you can see all her work at Some fonts are free, and some have a very low cost license ($5); they can be used in your print work or on your website. There is also special licensing for teachers who use the fonts.
Get Shadows Into Light Two

You can have a beautiful, hardworking website for your small business.

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