Finds for Your Business Blog – October 22 2013

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If you’re trying to blog oftener for your small business, here is some help and inspiration.

“Blogging More Regularly”

Four Part Blogging More Regularly Course (via Ben Moore, Unsplash)
Four Part Blogging More Regularly Course (via Ben Moore, Unsplash)

You know you should blog more for your business, but it’s easy to let it slide, and soon it’s been weeks or even months since you last blogged. Chris Lema has a great blog to follow with lots of information on WordPress and business and blogging. He’s also an amazing speaker. Chris has a four-part email course to help you blog more regularly.

He breaks down what you need to know into bite-size bits, and delivers it one bit a week, so that you have time to actually follow through with his suggestions. So if you need someone who’s an expert to guide you, visit Chris’s blog and look down in the lower right hand corner to find “Blogging More Regularly”; click it and sign up with just an email address.

Get Blogging More Regularly

Unsplash Images for Your Blog

Images from (via Floran Klauer)
Images from (via Floran Klauer)

If you blog regularly, you need great images to make your point. Unsplash gives you ten high resolution images every ten days. They are always different, sometimes of places, or landscapes, or people, or even desktops. And the images are not the usual that you see for free images; they are all so beautiful that you won’t be able to choose just one. The licensing is “do whatever you want,” but be sure to read it for yourself. You can sign up for email or  Follow if you have a Tumblr blog.

Get Unsplash Images

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  1. John Saddington Avatar

    thanks so much for this marcy!

    1. Marcy Diaz Avatar

      You’re welcome, John. Pressgram is great!

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