Grants for Nonprofits from Community TechKnowledge or Google


Photo credit: penywise from http://www.morguefile.comSome info on two interesting Grant Award programs for nonprofits came through this week – the 2011 Heart and Soul Grant Award Program and Google Grants for Nonprofits. If you know of any others, please share them in the comments.

Community TechKnowledge Foundation:

The first is the 2011 Heart and Soul Grant Award Program from Community TechKnowledge Foundation. They also have a Facebook Page describing the program, including a brief video. This program is giving away over $25,000 in grants to support all registered nonprofits and charities in the US, Canada, and the UK, and the top winner will get a song written for their organization, in addition to the grant.

To apply nonprofits (anyone associated with the organization) should write an original 4 to 8 line poem (or description) describing their mission and work. The application deadline is March 28th, 2011. This appears to be a yearly program. There is a brief video on the Heart and Soul Facebook Page describing the program.

Google for Nonprofits:

Google has had a program for nonprofits (US organizations must have current 501(c)(3) status.) for some time. Nonprofits, including churches, are able to use Google email ad-free just like educational institutions. (Businesses are able to use Google email free with ads or ad-free with a paid account.)

Google for Nonprofits has recently increased their offerings to help nonprofits that fit within the Google eligibility restrictions to reach donors and raise awareness for their causes. Of note is YouTube for Nonprofits and Google Grants for free AdWords advertising.  While most churches and membership organizations would not meet the eligibility requirements, some community or international organizations would.

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